Are you ready to put your best fork forward?

Today happens to be National Registered Dietitian Day & National Women’s day. It also happens to be National Nutrition Month.

It only seems fitting that today I write about why I do what I love and how an RD can help you! This months theme ” Put Your Best Fork Forward” really focuses on taking small steps towards your health. Rome was not built in a day, so how can you expect  to change ALL your habits in one day? a week? a month? We need to shift our thinking, instead of focusing on losing pounds in a week, lets focus on adding a fruit or a veggie every day or taking a 15 minute walk during your lunch break. With these small achievable goals, you will start to see the difference and see your health take a turn for the better.

I became an RD to help people reduce their risk of disease and to help manage disease. I wanted to be on the preventative side of things. But what I have noticed is that so many people think of me as the “food police” they think I will judge what they are eating, or they automatically ask me if they have made a good choice, fearing what I will say. Whatever the situation, my place is not to judge but to educate you. To take that fear away and to teach you to make better options. I just read a post from Beth Rosen MS, RD, CDN in and she had the best way of describing food and basically summarized everything I emphasize to my clients into a perfect paragraph:

” Food is not good. Food is not bad. Food is food. Food does not define your character and does not affect your self-worth or your morality. It’s time to leave food alone, and it’s time to leave yourself alone. Shame and guilt have never been effective motivators toward wellness, so cut yourself some slack.

You should not be afraid of food, you should not feel guilty. That breakfast you ate this morning does not define you and the weight on the scale certainly doesn’t either. Its time to stop allowing food to be a stressor and to begin to let food nourish you! And that is my number one GOAL, to help you let food nourish you and be healthy in the process. And once that process has begun, it will be a lifestyle, not a diet and something that you can be totally successful at.

So how can an RD help you?

  1. Do you have diabetes? Heart disease? High Cholesterol? High blood pressure? WE CAN HELP!
  2. If you are trying to get pregnant, already pregnant or nursing. WE CAN HELP!
  3. If you have digestive issues, WE CAN HELP!
  4. If you are caring for an elderly person and need help with their nutritional needs, WE CAN HELP!
  5. if you have picky eaters at home or want to make sure your family is eatinf correctly, WE CAN HELP!
  6. And if you want to improve you athletic performance, WE CAN HELP!

What ever your reason, do not hesitate to call an RD and see if he or she can help you out! Stop worrying so much and get on a pathway to START LIVING a healthier life!

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